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Tom O'Neill (Ireland / India)

Brother Tom Walsh (India)     086 3453092 (+353 186 3453092)

This website is now a repository for previous projects to remember the amazing work carried out by our many Volunteers over 30 years. Lasallian Developing World Projects main website is located here:

LDWP Projects 2017

Awo is located in a very dry and poor district of Irob in the far west part of the Tigray Region. It is a large village surrounded by other villages with no facilities. 

The building of this Multipurpose Hall will provide a much needed facility for the youth of the area. It can be used for educational purposes, and help provide much needed training skills for the local population. It can also be used for meetings and recreational purposes in the evenings. We want to make this a reality. 

Education of the poor and service to others are our core principles. Why not join the Lasallian Volunteer Team during the month July 2017? 

When you volunteer you are not paid in money or recognition, you are paid in love. People may forget what you said, and people may forget what you did, but they will never forget how it made them feel. Awo is located in a very dry and poor district of Irob in the far west part of the Tigray Region. This area is the poorest and driest in Ethiopia. The people of the area are farmers. They have very small and rocky plots of farm land which provide only enough food for four or five months. They rear a small number of livestock which they feed with cactus leaves twice a day. This year there is severe drought in the area and it has been difficult to get even the cactus leaves as they are dry and have become very scarce from over-use over many years. The livestock do not get enough food and consequently the cows are less productive and cattle and goats have very little flesh on them. In many instances they are more burdensome than useful to the families. As a result of subsistence agriculture the people are dependent on what little work can be found in the area and remittances from young people who have migrated to Addis Ababa and to many other countries throughout the world. Frustrated by economic difficulty, misguided by misinformation by traffickers and lured by a seemingly easy and attractive life, youth migration from this area to Europe and the Middle East is on a catastrophic level. What they face in reality on the way to their destination countries is known to everyone in Europe and indeed the world. The Irish navy has rescued many from this region but how many have drowned? It is simply the worst tragedy of this century. 

The district of Irob had fallen under Eritrean occupation during the bloody border war from May 1998 to June 2000. As a result Ethiopia has deployed a huge military force along the border and there are military personnel in all areas throughout the Tigray region. The military presence has fuelled the spread of HIV/AIDS especially among the youth of the area As Lasallians we hope to make a difference. We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make that difference If you are interested in volunteering in Ethiopia this summer and you want to find out more about the project contact: 

Tom O'Neill: email

Rith don Oideachas Fundraising Campaign 2016 - Eoin Walsh

Rith don Oideachas Fundraising Campaign 2016

Get more information and donate directly here:

Supporting Education in Ireland and Africa. 

Google 'Eoin Walsh Rith don Oideachas'

Volunteer for South Africa 2016



The building of a Creche in Nkaneng Squatter Camp is a huge necessity and would provide basic education for at least thirty children aged 1 to 10


The building of the Training Workshop will be invaluable in providing training skills e.g. carpentry, welding, construction, plumbing and electrical.

This year we need Volunteers with the following skills: construction, health care, computing, carpentry, music, sewing, embroidery, sport, education, leadership, business. Any skill a volunteer can offer will be more than welcome.

This short term volunteer project offers an authentic, cultural and meaningful experience to people with limited time. The project also includes exciting and varied cultural excursions and learning experiences. Volunteers may decide to travel further in South Africa or the African continent after the completion of the necessary time on the project.

If you are interested in volunteering in South Africa this summer and you want to find out more about the project contact:

Tom O'Neill: email

Full Information: Click Here

Volunteer for Ethiopia 2015 

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our Ethiopian Project 

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Our Project Teams give their time and energy for free. We continue to be thankful and humbled by the generosity of people, organisations and Government organisations in Ireland and the people of our target countries. 

Watch a short video of our work in India. Keersara. (Filmed 2014)


Click here for our Ethiopia 2014 Brochure

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The project for 2014 is the building of a multi - purpose hall for the children that are HIV positive. It will be used for study and dining and any other use that may be required to help these children.

A Massive Thanks to our friends at  Gaelscoil Phortlairge, Baile Mhic Gonair Click here for more info or Click our Latest News & Events Page

Thank you  Gaelscoil Phortlairge, Baile Mhic Gonair

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De La Salle Waterford

De La Salle Primary School, St. Stephen's Waterford, Class Four.

The Lads ran a class Soccer Marathon one afternoon and raised four hundred euro for the project's and are seen here presenting the money to Brother Thomas Walsh.
Fundraising for the Lasallian Developing World Projects in India 2012.





 The Carrantuohill Challenge 2012 Photos are here - Fair Play Lads

Remembering Brother Mike Finnerty 2012 

Take this opportunity to become a Volunteer and share in our Projects. You must be over 21 and in good health. There is no upper age limit. Everyone can impart knowledge. This can be a life changing experience that will help to open new avenues for you to explore. 2012 Projects will run for the Month of July. LDWP 2012. Why not? Why not you? Open hearts and open minds ........ Click here to see where we work .......... Latest News ............

Click here for our 2012 Application Form and return to the stated addresses - Click here for 2012 Project Info    


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Provide Education, Medication and Select Building Structures to people in small rural regions of underdeveloped countries for whom a little counts for a lot.

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Open your hearts and minds to an opportunity and an experience you willnever forget. The exposure to underdeveloped countries and local peoplewill help you understand the issues surrounding world poverty and itscauses. It is with hope, some day, we will have a solution. We cannotchange the world but we can make a difference in the life of anindividual through education and contact.

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